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Our projects are based on the pillars of Love, faith, gratitude and forgieness. It is my intent to share love, joy, peace, and happiness through everything that I do, from God's whisper to your ears spirit to spirit.

Two Angels

Two Angels, currently in production. Is a film based off the book "Two Angels and A Biscuit Full of Honey, a true life testament of the afterlife. 

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The Art of Spoken Word

The Art of Spoken Words, Is Intimate and laid back, this newly released spoken word EP is exactly what the world needs today. Jenesis Peaks combines her smooth sultry voice with her enticing inspirational words to change any mood any where from the pulpit to the streets. Love is in the air!

the art of spoken words (1).jpg

Wailing In The Waters

Wailing In the Waters is a stage play where pride meets humbleness.

Wailing In the Waters premiered annually at the, now, Gas South Theater, Duluth, GA. 2015-2017.

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