about me

Jenesis Peaks is a highly-skilled, published author, spoken word poet, creative performer, and seasoned entrepreneur who has garnered a wealth of experience working through a select number of professional occupations for many years.

For a decade and a half, Jenesis Peaks has had engagements working white-collar jobs in corporate America where she learned vital lessons about Business and Resource Management. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, she also functioned in the capacity of Project Manager at many organizations where she recorded huge successes with the rest of her team. Furthermore, she attended universities where she excelled in business erudition.

Jenesis Peaks always knew she would become a writer, even as she took an unlikely path to that destination.

Having being raised by Christian parents, Jenesis was made to know the Lord from a very young age. In 2007, after several years of serving in the church, she received the call to take her ministry of the arts beyond the church, birthing a series of community productions that helped her navigate her way into mainstream entertainment.

However, her dreams and aspirations with regards to all she has planned to do in the industry were met with feelings of distraught and hurt — events that to a very large extent, took its toll on her passion for writing. While she was battling with the perceived loss of her writing prowess, she equally found herself homeless for a season.

Upon all the hardship, Jenesis mustered enough strength and courage to keep the dream of being both a writer and speaker alive. From that moment on, she has performed her spoken words on many occasions. As an extension of her creativity, Jenesis wrote and self-published her first novel, “Love In The Second Degree” in 2014.

A songwriter and poet, she has now found her voice and is on a mission to bring love, joy, laughter, and happiness to many people in the world over through her writing and creativity, — a vision she has had since childhood.

Jenesis Peaks is also the Producer and CEO of Jenesis Peaks Entertainment, LLC where she has written and directed several off-broadway shows such as, "Will You Be Ready," "Restoration," "The Greatest Gift," "Lord I’m Coming Home," the musical stage plays, "Back to My 1st Real Love" and "Wailing in the Waters."

She has been described by family, friends, colleagues, clients, and close associates as a God-fearing, kind, humble, confident, and compassionate person who is always on the lookout for ways to help people live and lead better lives.

She is currently releasing her first non-fiction book based on her real true life love story about life, death, and life again. It replicates Jenesis's true-life ordeal giving birth to her last child, which left her fighting for her life as she passed over into paradise.


Also, in the pipeline, Jenesis will be directing "HERE," a web series based on courage, obedience and the kingdom to come in the spring of 2022.


Mission Statement

Our Objective:

To establish and cultivate a platform that share love and bring light and hope through our productions to theater goers who may be held captive in fear and darkness and are seeking to live in a world of deliverance and light to show all that they are overcomes by the word of their own true testimony and fosters the facilitation of community awareness. Jenesis Peaks Entertainment will unite demographically and culturally.


Our Operations:

Through Jenesis Peaks Entertainment, we produce stage plays, short films, books and songs. As a result, Jenesis Peaks Entertainment proposes to inspire, motivate, and encourage through acting, singing and music. With intent of embarking on humanitarian involvement, with the singular intention of improving the quality of life.


Our Goal:

To impart knowledge and information, while inspiring individuals to become greater human beings spiritually and community assets and advocates while empowering neighbors and future generations.

Our Mission:

Our work can be seen through our Heart of Jenesis Foundation.  Through our foundation we select from several families and individuals that are in need of assistance to further them in life