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Welcome to our shop. Click on the category of your choice and explore our merchandise.


The AOSW Collection

As a writer, I believe in the power of words to bring healing to the soul. Whether through poetry, storytelling, or self-reflection, words have the ability to connect us to our deepest selves and to each other. I hope you enjoy the merchandise inspired from my 'The Art of Spoken Words' CD.


The Two Angels Collection

 As a believer in the power of Angels, I understand the importance of the guidance and protection they provide us. I hope these merchandises stimulates your memory and reminds you that you are never alone and brings you peace and comfort during difficult times.


The ARTISTRY Collection

 Artistry is the expression of creativity and imagination through various mediums. As an artist, I am committed to bringing my unique vision to life and inspiring others to do the same. In this section, you will find a showcase of my artistry accessories.

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