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It was twenty-one years ago, that Jenesis Peaks faced the fight of her life. Not only did she give birth to a miracle baby but gave birth to her purpose. After being diagnosed with Placenta Previa six months into her pregnancy and with no alternative but to go through and meet her adversity head-on, Jenesis was left in a coma for several days fighting for her life. But her adversity would be the key to unlock the door to her spiritual success within. In this book, read how her ordeal landed her in paradise and brought her back home as she shares her testimony in hopes that all readers keep the FAITH, no matter what comes their way.


Ever since his childhood Samuel Wade dreamed of walking in his father's, Sir Bishop James Alexander Wade, shoes. But when he finds out that his father is not the faithful servant of God he confessed to being Samuel rebels. On a reckless road, Samuel’s world begins spinning out of control when he finds himself facing murder. With no one to call but his father for help, Samuel makes a deal in a moment of distress that he later regrets. Now, blackmailed into joining the ministry to carry out his father’s legacy, Samuel is appalled when he is commanded to marry a woman he doesn’t love. At a crossroad, Samuel must make a choice between blood and true love.